Hockey Hut How To: Tape Your Stick

Taping your stick effectively takes time and some practice. Watch as Teagan teaches you how to properly tape your stick!

There are two main functions that taping your stick can bring.

  1. Protecting your hockey stick blade from potential cracks/breaks
  2. Feel for the puck

The cool thing about taping your stick is that you can be creative with it! If you look around the NHL, there are a lot of different ways the players tape their stick, it’s all preference. Some people like to tape their whole blade, like Steven Stamkos and others use very little tape, like David Pastrnak.

In this video, Teagan shows us how she likes to tape her stick!

  1. She starts by ripping a small piece off and running it down the bottom of her blade.
  2. From there she starts at the heel of the blade and makes her way to the toe.
  3. One important thing you will notice is that she is overlapping the tape. This helps with potential tears in the tape and gives it a little more protection.