Hockey Hut How To: Stick to Your Resolutions

Have you ever made a resolution that you didn’t keep? If you’re like me, the answer is probably yes. On this how to video, I will be sharing strategies that will help you keep those resolutions!

My New Years Resolution was to shoot 100 pucks a day. It is important to have a plan when setting a resolution for yourself. Here are the 4 steps I used to help me keep my resolution!

  1. What is your new habit going to be?
    • Shoot 100 pucks a day
  2. How do you anchor down this new habit?
    • Create a routine
  3. How many pucks do we start with?
    • If you want to shoot 100 pucks a day, start off with baby steps and work your way up to your goal
  4. Accountability
    • How are you going to hold yourself accountable to achieve this resolution? For me personally, I use a calendar and mark out my goals for each week.