Hockey Hut How To: Get Dressed for Hockey

There is nothing worse than having an equipment malfunction while you are playing hockey. If you want to learn how to properly get dressed and maximize your performance on the ice, check out this how to video!

  1. The first thing that you are going to want to put on is the jock. The jock holds your cup as well as holds up the socks that go over your shin pads. There are a few different types of jocks. (shorts, pants, and guarder belt)
  2. Next, we will be putting on the shin pads. You want to make sure that the shin pad is on the correct leg. The shin pad indicates which pad should go on which leg. Once you have the shin pad on the correct leg, tightly fasten the strap so that the pad doesn’t shift around.
  3. Next, we have the socks. The socks go over the shin pad and will velcro to the jock. It is important that when pulling the socks over the shin pad, the velcro doesn’t snag on the shin pads straps.
  4. Next, we have the pants. It is important to make sure the pants fit correctly. You want the bottom of the pants to resting slightly above the kneecap and the top of the pants to be slightly below the ribcage. Buckle the front of the pants and if it is too loose, you can tie the lace to your desired comfort.
  5. After the pants are on, you are going to want to put your skates on. Tying skates is a lot easier when the upper gear is not on. Parents, it is okay for your child to be fully dressed and then you tie their skates but you should keep in mind as they get older, they are going to want to tie their skates without the upper gear. If you don’t know how to tie skates, you can refer to our how to tie your skates video
  6. After the skates are on, you are going to put on your shoulder pads. Sometimes referred to as a chest protector. There will be 4 straps on the shoulder pads. 2 in the back and 2 on the shoulders. Start by reaching back for the velcro straps and bring them to the front velcro. Once they are secure, grab the strap on the shoulder, wrap it around your arm, and secure it to the velcro.
  7. After the shoulder pads are comfortable, you are going to put on the elbow pads. Place your elbow in the pocket of the pad. From there, you will need to take the velcro strap, wrap it around your arm, and secure it to the velcro padding.
  8. Now it is time for the jersey. Putting on the jersey can be difficult because it sometimes snags the back of the shoulder pads. Start by placing one arm through the jersey and then do the same with the other arm. Once your arms are in the jersey, pull the jersey over your head.
  9. Next up is the helmet. Once the helmet is on your head, there will be 3 straps. Start by buckling the strap that goes under your chin. The next 2 straps are on the cage. The helmet has two snaps on the backside where you will strap the buckles.
  10. Lastly, once you have all the other gear on, you can grab your gloves, grab a stick, and get on the ice!