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The Hockey Hut® is a business owned and operated by Ron Kuhl.

Founded by Rick and Claudia Caruso and established in 1997, The “Hut” had humble beginnings renting 3,000 sq ft on Route 9 in Clifton Park, NY. In 2007, Ron Kuhl acquired 2 acres of land in Clifton Park and constructed the present-day “Hut” we all know. This 7,225 sq ft world-class hockey training center features a 45′ x 70′ indoor ice rink, where individuals and teams train under the guidance of our full-time professional instructors.

The “Hut” offers a comprehensive range of athlete/hockey skills programming and is also home to Clifton Park Pickleball Club. Our programs include semi-private and private instruction, group skill development for all ages, Learn to Skate, Learn to Play, and high-level team training across all age groups. Whether you come to us or we travel to your rink, we are committed to maximizing your performance.

In 2021, The Hockey Hut expanded with “The Pavilion,” increasing the facility to 15,725 sq ft. This outdoor covered community center boasts an 80′ x 58′ ice rink during winter months, and in the spring, summer, and fall, it transforms into a hub for 3 pickleball courts, ball hockey, and a variety of non-ice activities on our sports court flooring.

In December of 2023, we expanded our offerings by transforming our indoor 1,500 sq ft area into two pickleball courts: one full-size and one training size. This indoor court has become the hub for our thriving pickleball community during the winter months, while our outdoor courts are transformed into a rink.

As we proudly enter our 26th year of business, our vision remains steadfast: to help our clients become better athletes every session. At The Hockey Hut, our mission is to optimize their athletic development and ensure they reach their full potential.


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Who Trains At the Hockey Hut?

Whether you’re a novice skater of any age or aiming for the highest levels, our programs are tailored to cater to your on-ice and off-ice requirements.

Each player receives a Complimentary Assessment conducted by one of our expert instructors. Based on the assessment results, a personalized program is crafted for every individual. Our curriculum is meticulously designed for each age group and player, with the primary goal of unlocking each skater’s full potential, all while emphasizing the importance of having FUN!

Our Rinks

Founded in 1997, the Hockey Hut was established with a commitment to adhering to globally accepted coaching philosophies and techniques for continuous action sports. Our philosophy centers around players training in small areas for short durations, maintaining a high tempo throughout.

As USA Hockey introduced the Long-Term Athlete Development and American Development models for player skills training, we found that these models aligned seamlessly with the approach the Hockey Hut had been implementing for a decade. Our programs are designed to be fast-paced and perfectly tailored for all ages and skill levels.

Featuring an indoor rink measuring 70’ x 45’ with boards and glass, as well as an outdoor rink sized at 80’ x 58’ with boards and netting, the Hockey Hut provides an ideal environment for players to hone their skills and enjoy the game.