Hockey Hut How To: Be Ready For Tryouts

Tryouts can be a very intimidating process! They force individuals to showcase their skills and abilities in order to be considered for a specific team, program, or opportunity. During tryouts you are evaluated on a variety of factors including their physical abilities, technical skill, attitude, and potential for growth. The evaluation process is usually conducted by coaches, parents, or other coaching experts. An important note to remember when going through the tryout process is though they are highly competitive, as not everyone who tries out will be selected, tryouts can be a valuable learning experience that helps your player identify areas for improvement and set goals for future growth! If you want to make the team it’s essential to embrace your strengths and be true to yourself! In this video Ron Kuhl shares some helpful tips to help you stand out during tryouts!

First thing to remember is, it’s crucial to play to your strengths. If you are a goal scorer, focus on scoring goals. If you excel at defending, prevent the opposing team from scoring. Trying to be someone you’re not will not impress the coaches and could actually hurt your chances of making the team. 

Second is, coaches value players with good character who work hard and do the little things right. Focus on things like back checking, positioning, and body language. Remember that making mistakes is inevitable, but it’s how you respond to them that counts. 

Finally, show enthusiasm and demonstrate that you’re a team player. Coaches want players who love the game and are good teammates. Give credit to your teammates when they make good plays or score goals. Playing a team sport means that everyone needs to work together to achieve success!

Overall you want to make sure to encourage your player to do their best and be themselves. The worst thing for a player during tryouts is going in stressed out about making a team when they should be enjoying themselves! We hope these tips will help you succeed! 

Good luck in your tryouts!