Hockey Hut How To: Tie Your Skates

Tying hockey skates is not as difficult as you might think, but if you want a comfortable fit so you can spend long hours on the ice without your feet blistering, then tying your hockey skates correctly is going to be very important.

5 Simple Steps To Tie Your Skates

  1. Start by making sure your skates are loose enough to put on your foot. Loosen top two eyelets, pull the tongue back and put your foot in the skate.
  2. Once the skates are on your foot, start from the toe and pull each lace a little so it’s not loose.
  3. Go back to the top of the boot near the toe and grab each lace, and pull tight. To prevent each skate from becoming loose.
  4. For younger skaters, wrap your laces around your hand and pull, using all your force to tighten your skates.
  5. Time to tie them! With shorter laces, you don’t have to wrap around, tie like traditional sneakers in a double knot. If you have longer laces, people wrap them around skate to keep yourself from tripping on them on the ice.

Tips For Ensuring You Tied Your Skates Correctly

  1. If you get out on the ice and are feeling like a bender, that means your skates are too loose around your ankles, so go re-tie them a little tighter.

  2. If you get out on the ice and are feeling like your foot is no longer there and is getting numb, that means you tied it way too tight near your ankle and it needs to be a bit looser.

Taking Off Your Skates

When you’re done skating, you might feel too tired and cold and just want to take your skates off and leave ASAP. But if you don’t loosen your skates all the way, so your foot slips out with ease, you will kill your skate.

Yanking your foot out, or stepping on the heel will damage your skates. Respect the skate, take your time, and unlace the first few eyelets and then loosen the rest. Then, your foot should pop right out, and your skates will last longer.