Team Training



Would you like to take your team to the next level? Team Training at the Hockey Hut will help your team to get the edge that will take them to the next level. No matter what skill or concept you are looking to have your team improve upon, the staff at the Hockey Hut has the experience to improve any and all areas of your team’s play.

These are just some of the skills and concepts your team can improve with Team Training at the Hockey Hut.  This program Includes FMS with Healthplex Trainer and 4 Group Off-ice sessions.

Pivots & Quick Feet
Puck Skills
Puck Control
Puck Protection
Fakes & Dekes
Passing & Receiving
Positional Play
1 V 1
2 V 1
3 V 3 (Cycling)
Defensive Zone Coverage
Hockey Sense



1) What does the team work on?

A: The teams head coach may sit down with one of our staff members to watch film, and/or talk about what the team needs to work on each week. The plan is then developed for defensive players as well as offensive players and how these skills are built into their current team systems.


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