Full Ice Training

The Hockey Hut runs regular full ice skill sessions where players can work on all aspects of their game. These sessions typically cover skating, puck handling, shooting, passing, checking, and defensive strategies. The focus is on improving individual skills within the context of full ice play. Check out our specific programs below.


Tactical Power Skating

August 5-8 2024

9:00 AM-11:00 AM

Location: Cool Insuring Arena, 1 Civic Center Plaza, Glens FallsNY 12801 US

We start with the correct fundamental set of skills for skating.  In our Tactical Power Skating program, we work players balance and stability, inside and outside edges, cross overs, and lengthening their stride! But most importantly we teach players the ability to Tactically maneuver their body while manipulating the puck into an area of protection without losing any speed.  Quick hands, efficient skating and elusiveness is the goal in this fast paced camp.

$50 Deposit $190 Final Camp Payment


Excel Power Skating Camp

A division of the Hockey Hut, This Full ice Power Skating Camp is focused 100% on technique. Building proper technique through a meticulous progression of EVERY Skating skill will allow for a longer stride, more efficient stride and a more powerful stride.  The edgework progression, along with agility and Take-off work will allow players to start quicker, corner better, carry speed into through and out of turns, all while building speed, efficiency and acceleration on the cross-over to escape those tight areas on the ice. Acceleration, off of a change of direction will be taught along with all backwards skating skills.

This camp is inspired by the great Paul Vincent Dynamic Skating Program that has been the foundation of all the skill development taught at the Hockey Hut for the past 26 years.  This program breaks down every skating skill to its finest points.  With 3 hours of skating every day and a total of 15 hours of ice time in the week we guarantee each player will improve their skating technique, efficiency, balance, agility and speed.  We are excited to offer this camp for the very first time since 1998 and will only accept 40 players in each group.  This camp will be a 5:1 student to teacher ratio to ensure individual attention to detail is achieved.

Curriculum Techniques: Edgework, Agility, Take-off (Forward/Backward), Stride, Crossovers, Backwards, Pivoting and more!

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Elite Class Info:

May 1 – June 26th

Wednesday’s 6:50pm

Clifton Park Rink 2

June 24 – June 28

5 days, 8:30am – 11:30am

Albany County Hockey Facility

Ages 9 – 16

July 22 – July 26

5 days, 9:00am-12:00pm

Albany County Hockey Facility

Ages 9 – 16


Get ready to elevate your game to the next level with our intensive summer training program. Designed for serious athletes, this program offers elite-level coaching, personalized skill development, and advanced conditioning techniques.

Elite Coaching: Work closely with experienced coaches who have trained professional and collegiate players, such as Ron Kuhl and Cameron Kuhl. Benefit from their expertise in strategy, skills technique, and game analysis.

Personalized Skill Development: Tailored drills and exercises to enhance your skating, puck handling, shooting, and defensive and offensive abilities. Receive individualized feedback to address specific areas for improvement.
Advanced Conditioning: Build strength, speed, and endurance with specialized drills focused on agility, power, and stamina to excel in every shift on the ice.
Whether you’re aiming for the pros or seeking to dominate your upcoming season, our summer training program will push your limits and unleash your full potential on the ice. Are you ready to train like a pro?”
  1. Summer Impact Program is for High School, Prep, Junior and College aged players.
  2. Group 1 –Pro, Semi Pro, JR, College: 7:50-8:50 am Mondays + Wednesdays
  3. Group 2 –AAA, High School, Prep : 7:50-8:50 am Mondays + Wednesdays
  4. The Impact Program Location is Clifton Park Arena.
  5. Some of the area’s finest talents are in this program. Players from all Junior Leagues, USHL, NAHL, BCHL, EHL, New England Prep Schools, College Programs Represented, RPI, YALE, Hamilton, Plattsburgh, Potsdam and Pro players from Europe, ECHL and AHL all coming this summer.
  6. College group start date is June 3rd
  7. High-school group start date is July 8th

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Camp Type

Impact Training (16+), Tactical Power Skating & Skills (10-15)


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