Flex Pass Classes

The Hockey Hut provides professional instruction in many different skills for hockey.  These classes are 50-minute classes that focus 100% on proper techniques and skills for things like Shooting and Stickhandling. Class is limited to 20 skaters.


Excel Power Skating

Time and Date: May 1st – June 26th

Wednesday 6:50pm

Full Ice @ Clifton Park Rink 2

Throughout this class, we meticulously guide you through a progression of each skating skill, emphasizing the importance of proper technique. This approach aims to enhance your stride, making it longer and more powerful, while ensuring efficiency in every movement. The class covers edgework, agility, take-off (both forward and backward), stride development, crossovers, backwards skating, pivoting, and more.



Time and Date: June 6th – June 27th

Thursdays 7pm

This drop in class will work with coach Cam Who played 4 years of junior Hockey and 4 years of NCAA College hockey.  We will be working on everything from how to be confident with the puck, Transition skating, corner battle technique, Shooting from blueline, D zone positioning and Mental cues.


Shooting Technique

Time and Date: Saturday @ 10am

Our Shooting Technique Class is a premier hockey training experience designed for those hungry to enhance their scoring ability. This specialized program is tailored for players looking to refine their shooting skills. Our expert instructors will guide you through simple yet effective drills to get your body into game like situations that way, come game time you’re ready for anything. From wrist shots to slap shots, you’ll master the art of shooting with accuracy and speed. Whether you’re a forward or defenseman this class is for you. 


Puck Confidence

Time and Date: June 4th – June 25th

Tuesdays 7pm

Come join our Coaches as we work on the basics of puck handling to better understand the mechanics of how to properly handle a puck. Once we grasp the basics we can ramp up the intensity with our Trainers as we begin to handle the puck at full speed working on being able to handle the puck in all situations.


Escape Technique

Time and Date: April 30th – May 28th

Tuesdays 7pm

Being able to move your feet out of an escape move is one of the most important skills a player can learn to create separation between them and the opponent. In this class we will dive into puck retrieval, escape moves and tight area puck handling to increase the players confidence in making and escaping from the other team.


Girls Physicality

Time and Date: April 30th – May 30th

Thursdays 7pm

It is true that hockey, regardless of gender, is a physical sport that requires a certain level of contact. While checking is not allowed in girls’ and women’s hockey, it doesn’t mean that there’s no physicality involved in the game. Learning proper body positioning, angling, and containment techniques at an early age can help female players develop their physical skills and become better players in the long run.

Teagan Ketchum’s all-girls elite training class is an excellent opportunity for young female hockey players to learn and develop their physical skills in a safe and supportive environment. By focusing on proper techniques for angling, containing and pressuring the puck, body positioning, and aggression, these young players can learn how to use their bodies effectively on the ice without checking


Competitive Contact Class

Time and Date: TBA

In this dynamic program, players ages 12-16 yr old will learn essential skills for engaging in competitive contact situations with confidence and safety. Our professional  coaches will lead participants through drills and game-like situations focusing on body positioning, angling, and proper checking techniques, all while emphasizing respect for opponents and the integrity of the game. Whether you’re a Highschooler looking to become a physical threat or a first year bantam excited to learn how to use your body. The Hockey Hut flex pass classes offers a structured environment where athletes can develop their skills and elevate their game to the next level. Join us at the Hockey Hut and embrace the challenge of competitive contact with Intensity, safety, and sportsmanship.


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