Flex Pass Card


Maximize Your Athletic Development – Your Way!

 We’re excited to announce the return of our Flex Pass Punch Card for our Elite Training classes at the Hockey Hut.

Flex Pass

Price: $130


How does it work?
The Flex Pass is a one-time purchase of 4 classes upfront.
You have the freedom to drop into one or multiple Flex Pass classes in a week or over the course of two months.

Why Flex Pass?

Flexibility: Choose from 4-6 weekly slots every month to fit your schedule.

Variety: Enjoy a fresh lineup of classes each month, focusing on different essential skills.
Power in Your Hands: Cherry-pick the classes that match your goals and availability.

January’s Example Classes:
Monday 7pm & Thursday 4pm – Shooting Technique
Wednesday & Friday 4pm – Excel Power Skating


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