Team Carve




This is the next step in athlete development! Let’s take it to the next level! Work hard to build strength and start the transformation into a strong stable athlete and hockey player. Team Carve is for the players that have come through our Team Ignite program or are evaluated by our staff and placed into Team Carve based on ability, skill, and age. As USA Hockey States in the Long Term Athlete Development Model Team Ignite covers phase 3 and phase 4 of the LTAD: Learning to Train “Learning Fundamental Sports Skills” and Training to train “Building the engine and consolidating sports skills”!  You are GUARANTEED results.

Skills Achieved:

  • Players will be working on skating technique, stick skills and core strength, and movement strategies while getting into consistent training habits.
  •  Top strength & conditioning program geared towards hockey development.
  • Players will learn to structure their movement and balance during ice sessions.
  • Edge control inside and outside
  • Stride work
  • Crossover skating
  • Basic Stick Control
  • Pushing the puck and puck control
  • Proper shooting technique

Team Carve Program

  • 2 On-Ice Hockey Development Sessions Per Month with Hockey Hut Professional (24)
  • 1 Off-Ice Group Strength & Conditioning Workouts with HealthPlex Trainer Per Week
  • 1 Skate Sharpening Per Month (12)
  • On-Ice Personal Skills Assessment
  • Off-Ice Assessment-Functional Movement Screening


Pricing: $210/ for 12 monthly payments


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