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You are driven to progress with Team Accelerate! Your passion to become a stronger player has arrived. The transformation into a driven, competitive athlete and hockey player is the goal here. Team Accelerate is for the players that have come through our Team Carve program and have been evaluated by our staff and have been recommended to Team Accelerate Program based on ability and skill. As USA Hockey States in the Long Term, Athlete Development Model Team Accelerate covers phase 5 and phase 6 of the LTAD: Learning to Compete “Optimizing the engine and refining sports skills” and “Training to compete”!

Skills Achieved:

  • Players will start to perfect proper technique, build power and strength and start to master tactical skating progressions with pucks. Explosive movement strategies to build power and quickness on ice, while training to compete at the highest levels is the focus off the ice as well.
  • Players will be pushed to perfect skating technique.
  • Strength and conditioning programming geared towards hockey development.
  • Tactical power skating with pucks
  • Game simulation skills
  • Scoring skills
  • Offensive and defensive zone concepts covered
  • Shooting and passing accuracy

Team Accelerate Program

  • 3-4 On-Ice Hockey Development Sessions Per Month with Hockey Hut Professional (40)
  • 2 Off-Ice Group Strength & Conditioning Workouts with HealthPlex Professional
  • 1 Skate Sharpening Per Month
  • Monthly Evaluations On-Ice and Off-Ice

Pricing: $330/ for 12 monthly payments


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