Xavier Abdella

Our Hockey Hut Hall of Famer this month is Xavier Abdella, who plays Division 3 for Wilkes University. Xavier tells us that he would credit his success to the support of his family. “The sacrifices they made and the support along the way is something I cherish,” he says. He also believes that his coaches, teammates and friends were also a huge part of his journey as they always believed in him and pushed him to become a better player and a better person every time he was on the ice.


The Hockey Hut was a big part of Xavier’s life as a hockey player, it’s where he began skating at the age of 3. “ Ron is a huge reason why I have made it to the level I am now” he tells us saying that some of his strongest memories were in our 3v3 games. “The Hut has taught me the importance of being a competitive player and always pushing yourself, which is something that has helped me off the ice as well. The Hut has been one of the greatest places to work on my physical skills with small area drills and games that helped me to develop my hockey IQ, skating, and puck control.” 


Ron says “ I have had the privilege of knowing Xavier Abdella from the beginning of his hockey journey at 3 years old as he stood in the corner facing the boards at our very first learn to skate program. Not only did Xavier train at the hockey hut but he also played for me on my youth hockey teams. Xavier and his entire family are held in the highest regard by the Kuhl family and our Hockey Hut Family. Xavier’s growth as a player through his Hockey Hut journey has been tremendous and he was always striving to become a better hockey player. I am so proud of the player that Xavier has become but even more proud of the man he has become.”


We’re so proud to see Xavier continue his hockey journey and keep reaching new goals on and off the ice!