Jake Juron

Our Hockey Hut Hall of Famer this month is Jake Juron, who plays for Suny Potsdam. Jake grew up playing in the capital region. When he was 15 he joined the CP Dynamo program which he believes prepared him to play junior and college hockey. Jake tells us that not only did he become a better player, but he also became a better person and student because of them.


For Jake, the Hockey Hut is where it all started and stayed on track. Every summer he would look forward to coming back to his friends here at the Hut. “ I got to skate with two pretty unique and different groups throughout my years at the hut. When I was younger I got to go every day to skate with guys like Pete McArthur, Mike Borisniek, Pierre Luc Leblond and the Lashoffs. These are all local hockey legends and I got to train with them. They showed me what it was like to be a player at the pro level. As I grew up and they moved from the area or retired, I started skating with a group of guys that are all D1 and D3 players from our area. Some of these guys are great friends I still have to this day. We skate together, eat together, play golf together and hang together and always will when we are home for summers.” of the great atmosphere he was in Jake was able to go up against high level players. “Everyone there knew that if we all put in the work we would all leave better players.


Ron says “When Jake’s passion for hockey blossomed around the age of 14 his drive and passion for the sport was absolutely infectious. He was always a joy to work with because you knew that every session he was in was going to be fast and fun. He always brought his top game to the sessions. ”


We’re so proud to see Jake continue to maximize his athletic development and keep reaching new goals on and off the ice!