Nick Boyagian

Our Hockey Hut Hall of Famer this month is Nick Boyagian, who is playing for Sacred Heart University. Having such a passion for hockey starting as a top level youth player helped get Nick to where he is today.  Being able to enjoy every moment and having so much fun with his teammates made it easy to work hard and challenge himself every day. More importantly he was surrounded by great people who helped him immensely. Without his family, coaches, and teammates he would not be where he is today. 


Nick tells us “Having the Hockey Hut be so close to my house improved my game substantially. Training with kids that have the same goals as I do helped me push myself to that next level. Every day we had training I had to be mentally and physically ready to go just like all the other guys. Being mentally tough is a huge aspect of sports, and the people and players at the hockey hut taught me how to improve that part of my game.”


Ron says “ I have watched Nick Boyagian grow and develop from the time he was 7 years old. Nick has always been a naturally gifted goal scorer and is always a pleasure to be around. He is fun to have on the ice and always lifts the level of players around him at the Hut and all the teams he plays on.”


We’re so proud to see Nick continue to maximize His athletic development and keep reaching new goals!