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College Hockey Skills

This class focuses on performing high-intensity power skating, stick handling, passing, and shooting drills with purpose. Players will learn how each drill relates to game-like situations and ultimately, players will become smarter hockey players. This class is for training college hockey teams in their pre-season.

In this class we will teach players how to increase their on-ice intelligence and become smarter hockey players through drills that will develop situational awareness. The on-ice drills will increase each players ability to see the game before it happens, read and react skills, anticipation, deception against the opposition and much more!!! Learn the skills that will separate you from the average player. This class will teach you to think differently and get the edge. Each of our classes uses a variety of drills to challenge players to improve their skills. Many of the Capital District’s players come to the Hockey Hut weekly for an extra skill specific session.


1) How many players are on the ice per class?

A: Classes have a minimum of 4 skaters and a maximum of 15.

2) What do the players work on in the skills classes?

A: Each week is a different “theme” on what the players will be working on.

3) If I purchase a “package” when do I need to use them by?

A: Each class runs for a certain amount of sessions. The sessions need to be used in the appropriate time frame.

Additional information
Camp Type

Impact Training (16+), Tactical Power Skating & Skills (10-15)


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